How can we help you?

Here we have collected common questions and answers about ordering, shipping and our design tool. If you do not find the answer to your question, you are always welcome to contact our customer service, and we will help you.

Contact us

Our customer service's goal is to respond as quickly as possible and to reply no later than the next working day.

Contact information

You are most welcome to call or email us.

Email address

We reply no later than the next working day.

+46 40 654 06 59

Monday - Friday 09.00 – 15.00
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Swedish holidays.

Upcoming holidays
Midsummer's Eve (June 21st)

Postal address

Please note that we are not able to serve customers at this address.
Nordenica AB, Mor Marnas väg 80F
212 91 Malmö, Sweden

Putting up your photo wall

All our framed photo products are delivered ready to hang. Both our gallery walls and photo tiles come with easy to use tools to help you set up your photo wall.

Hanging gallery wallHanging photo tiles

Design Tool

Can my photos have a white border or photo mount (passe-partout)?

For 'Photo Tiles' and 'Photo Poster' it is possible to get your photos printed with a white border.

A photo mount is always included with 'Standard Framing' and 'Gallery Wall'.

My photos aren't stored on my computer

Select "import from mobile phone" and use the QR code to upload photos from your mobile phone. Do you want to use photos from your Google Photos, Google Drive or One Drive? No problem! You can import your photos directly from these services. For your photo tiles you can also import photos from Instagram and Facebook.

What is Uploadcare?

Nordenica uses a third party, Uploadcare, to import your photos from Instagram, Google Photos and similar photo services. Neither Nordenica nor Uploadcare stores your login data. Visit Uploadcare's website for more information.

What size should my uploaded photos be?

The larger the frame, the higher the resolution should be.

Avoid using blurred images, always choose good quality images.

Frame size Minimum resolution Minimum recommended resolution
Photo tile 600×600 1200×1200
21×30 cm 840×1200 1260×1800
30×30 cm 1200×1200 1800×1800
30×40 cm 1200×1600 1800×2400
30×60 cm 1200×2400 1800×3600
40×40 cm 1600×1600 2400×2400
40×50 cm 1600×2000 2400×3000
40×80 cm 1600×3200 2400×4800
40×110 cm 1600×4400 2400×6600
50×50 cm 2000×2000 3000×3000
50×70 cm 2000×2800 3000×4200
70×70 cm 2800×2800 4200×4200
70×100 cm 2800×4000 4200×6000
80×120 cm 3200×4800 4800×7200
90×90 cm 3600×3600 5400×5400


How do I use a gift or discount code?

Place your order and add your code at the checkout.

What different payment methods do you offer?

You can choose to pay with Klarna, Swish or by card.

What does the customer satisfaction guarantee mean?

It is important to us that you, as our customer, are 100% satisfied with your purchase! That is why we construct and print our products ourselves and each product is checked by hand. Should one or more products not meet your expectations, then we will produce new ones for you or you will receive a refund.

Please contact us within two weeks from the order date with a description of the issue.

Upon cancellation of the purchase, the products need to be returned. As soon as the products have been received, you will receive a confirmation. The invoice will be credited and an any refund of the purchase price is made within two weeks of receiving the proof.

The customer satisfaction guarantee only applies to the first order and up to and including three photo products of a maximum of 1000 SEK. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the products. Received images will be destroyed by Nordenica.

What happens to my uploaded photos?

Images or texts you upload to Nordenica's website are stored on a secure server in Sweden. The data will be stored as short a time as possible and only so that your order can be placed and executed.

Before ordering
Images or texts will be stored for a maximum of 21 days after your last visit to our website, after that period they will be deleted. During that period, you can therefore always continue with your order. If you delete an image or text in the design tool, it will be deleted immediately and no copies are being saved.

After purchasing
It is important to us that you, as our customer, are 100% satisfied with your purchase. To facilitate any complaints, your uploaded photos or texts will be stored for a maximum of 30 days after the purchase, after that period they will be deleted. Should the products e.g. have been damaged during transport, we will have the opportunity to produce new products for you.

For more information also read our privacy policy and terms and conditions.


Cancel or return an order

As each photo product is made to order and personalised, it is, unfortunately, not possible to cancel the order after we have started the production process. For the same reason, we do not offer returns and the right to exchange. The order can only be returned due to production errors.

On the first time you order from us, we offer you a customer satisfaction guarantee. Should the photo products not meet your expectations, then we will make new ones for you or you will receive a refund.

How fast do I receive my order?

We aim to send your order within three working days, but we are usually able to send on the following day. How fast you receive your package depends on our shipping partner, but usually the day after we have sent it. You always get a shipment ID in order to track your package.

I have received my order, but the package is tattered

If the products have been damaged during transport, you will of course receive new ones. Since we need a few photos, it is easiest for you to contact us via email at To process your case, we need:

  1. Your order ID
  2. Description of the damage
  3. Photo of the packaging with the products that have been delivered to you
  4. Photo of the damaged products

We will report the damage to our shipping partner. The part of the order that needs replacing will then be manufactured and sent to you.


Photo tiles - Are the self-adhesive strips suitable for all walls?

The self-adhesive magnetic strips on our photo tiles can be used on all smooth surfaces. If you have just repainted, it is recommended to wait two weeks before setting up the photo tiles.

Even though the strips hold strongly, they are easy to reposition - without leaving a trace.

On walls with a lot of texture or that are painted with special dirt-repellent paint, it can be difficult for the self-adhesive magnetic strips to create a strong bond.

Contact us if you are unsure whether the self-adhesive magnetic strips can be used on your walls.